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Selena Gomez Heads to the Big Screen October 29, 2008

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Oohhhhh man. Yet another Disney Channel show will be making its way to the silver screen.

Much like they did for the Lizzie McGuire film, and the upcoming Hannah Montana movie, Wizards of Waverly Place will be made into a movie!

Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez opened up recently about the exciting news and has even revealed that they plan on filming in New York, where the show takes place.

As for the plot, she says, “I think it would have to be that our secret is about to be exposed.”

Uh, for those of you who don’t know what the show is about, it’s about a family of wizards whose kids (Selena and two brothers) have magical powers.

So the show, which is in its second season, continues to do well. What else should fans expect from the season? Selena says, “I think that my fans will expect more magic and crazy stuff going on. I think you see Alex (played by Selena) more mature this season. She gets her first boyfriend. His name is Daniel, and he’s just this really sweet guy who, I honestly think, has a lot of potential. I think he’s going to do great.”

While she isn’t filming the show, Selena continues to make attempts to get hunk Shia LaBeouf to appear on the show, or even in the movie. “You’d think that as much as I promote it (Shia would be guest starring). I’m, like, begging, but it’s not happening. I know I’m a nerd! Please, Shia, come on my show!”

Aww. Cuuute. Kind of.


Disney Relationships = Heartbreak? September 6, 2008

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So if you are as obsessed with celebrity gossip as I am, then I’m sure you’ve heard of the love triangle between Disney darlings Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, and Selena Gomez.

Miley dated Nick a while back, and that was recently confirmed in an issue of Seventeen in which she graced the cover. And People.com recently reported that Brett Ratner, the director of Miley’s video “7 Things,” spilled some obvious secrets regarding who the song was written about.

Well, if you said Nick Jonas – then you’re absolutely right! According to Brett, “the necklace she’s wearing in the video is the necklace [the boy] gave her. She’s wearing his diabetes or medical necklace.” Nick has Type 1 diabetes.

Anyway – Selena Gomez – who has been dubbed as being Disney’s newest hottest star, and is rumored to be dating Nick, recently spoke to Twist magazine about her upcoming album, and a favorite song on the album. She said, “My favorite song that I’ve written is called ‘I’m Sorry.’ It’s about a boy I kind of fell for, but he couldn’t let his ex-girlfriend go, and it was really difficult.”

Hmmm. Young love is just so… dramatic. I love it.