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More “Scream 4” News! August 5, 2009

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It looks as though fans of the Scream franchise will be getting a new trilogy! Writer Kevin Williamson is still working on the script, but he also released the following details regarding the film:

[Exec. Producer] Bob Weinstein has been bugging me a hundred billion years, “Let’s do it. Let’s do it.” Wes [Craven] and I were like “no way.” Then finally I was taking some time off, sitting around thinking “what if I had to do Scream 4?” I wasn’t interested, [but then I thought] “a trilogy – now I’d be interested! Could we do that and develop a trilogy?” and then I started thinking about the story. I created three different chapters, broke it up and I got really excited.”

Scream 4 is going to pick up 10 years after Scream 3 (which is fitting because Scream 3 came out nearly 10 years ago), but director Wes Craven has yet to sign on to the flick. Williamson, though, doesn’t believe that this will be a problem:

“Wes is a director who wants to read the script before he commits. And I think that’s kind of where it sits right now. But I believe that with Courteney and David [Arquette] and me and the gang all back together again… Just from an emotional standpoint I don’t see how he can pass it up, because I just think it would be too much fun for him. Because nothing has been more fun than making those movies. It’s a family, and I think we agree that we can’t go back and have a family without Dad at the head of the table. So I have a feeling that we’re going to make him go. Between me, Courteney and David, we’re gonna make him do it.”

Williamson also confirmed that Neve Campbell and Jamie Kennedy will NOT be returning to reprise their roles as Sidney and Randy (even though Randy died in Scream 2).


David and Courteney to Return to Scream! July 14, 2009

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Holy shit, one of my many, many dreams is coming true!

David Arquette and Courteney Cox will be reprising their roles as Officer Dewey and Gale Weathers in Scream 4 !!!

Arquette told E!’s Marc Malkin, “We are going to be doing Scream 4, Kevin Williamson is writing the script at this moment, and hopefully Wes Craven is going to direct.”

“I fell in love with my wife on Scream, so the opportunity to bring Dewey back to life and for my wife to play that really bitchy character again, it’s just going to be really fun,” Arquette said. “It’s just great.”

Williamson recently said that Neve Campbell turned down the chance to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott, but Arquette is holding out. “I hope Neve does it. I really hope so.”

Because, I mean really, what else has Neve done lately?


The Green Lantern Has Been Cast! July 12, 2009

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Reports circulated recently that Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, and Justin Timberlake (whyyyy?!!?!?) were all considered for the role as the Green Lantern in the upcoming Warner Bros. film adaptation of the DC Comic.

But thankfully, people smartened up and realized that Justin sucks at acting.

Instead, Ryan has been cast, and shooting is said to begin sometime in January. Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Goldeneye) is set to be directing the flick.

And while I love love love me some Bradley Cooper, Ryan definitely has that superhero look to him.


New Megan Fox! July 6, 2009

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Above is the trailer of Megan Fox’s new movie Jennifer’s Body. In the film she plays a possessed high school cheerleader who has a thing for killing males.

The film, written by Diablo Cody (Juno), also stars Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody and it hits theaters September 18.

Of course Miss Fox is swimming naked and looking all hot, so that should be enough for you to watch.



Box Office Results! February 8, 2009

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No surprise here! He’s Just Not That Into You took the #1 spot at the box office this weekend, raking in $27.5 million.

It joins The Devil Wears Prada (which made the exact same amount its opening weekend) and 27 Dresses (which grossed $23 million) – aka, it did fantastically well for a rom-com.

OH. And this marks Jennifer Aniston’s second straight box office success following Marley & Me. Snaps for Jen!!

I saw the film last night (at a pretty much sold-out showing) and absolutely loved it. Of course, I didn’t go in expecting much, but after reading the book about a year ago, it was very entertaining, funny, and yes – sad.

Here’s how the rest of the box office looked:

#2 Taken

#3 Coraline

#4 The Pink Panther 2

#5 Paul Blart: Mall Cop


90210 Star to be in Twilight Sequel? February 6, 2009

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Hmmm. Interesting choice. 90210 beauty AnnaLynne McCord may be in the Twilight sequel.

My sources (ha) said that she auditioned for the role of Heidi on Thursday — a “fisher” who uses her beauty to attract humans and then brings them to the vampires to eat.

The part is brief, though, and her role will only be a cameo.

What are your thoughts? Young Hollywood seems to be taking over the sequel to this movie.


Sex and the City Sequel HAPPENING!!!

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Oh my gosh. I’m drinking a cosmo as I write this!

The sequel to the super hit Sex and the City: The Movie is actually happening — and Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Michael Patrick King (the film’s director) are all on board!

“I’m very excited to work with these amazing actresses again,” said King, “and would love to give everyone more information about the sequel – but I’m busy with my Sex life.”