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Public Memorial for MJ at Neverland June 30, 2009

Filed under: Michael Jackson — Alexandra @ 2:28 pm

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department confirmed to E! News that there are plans to hold a memorial service at Michael Jackson’s famed Neverland Ranch.

“Our guys are meeting as we speak with the California Highway Patrol to discuss the security issues,” says department spokesman Lt. Butch Arnoldi.

He added: “Our role will primarily be traffic, but also crowd control. We will also be making sure there is no trespassing on neighboring ranches and stuff like that. We would be stationed on the perimeter of the house. The actual roadway will be the responsibility of the CHP.”

A date and time for the memorial service hasn’t been set yet, and Arnoldi said the agency hasn’t been informed.

Over the weekend, Jackson’s brothers Jackie, Jermaine, and Tito were spotted on the grounds, and earlier today a delivery truck was spotted dropping off boxes at Neverland.


3 Responses to “Public Memorial for MJ at Neverland”

  1. jtry05 Says:

    I really liked the blog post.
    I have a question that is not related to this blog post. My question is how did you get your page to look this nice. I only had about 2 choices to picl from. Please message or comment me back please.
    Thanks for your time

    • Alexandra Says:

      Hey there. Thanks for the comment!

      To get my page the way it looks, I chose one of the Themes that WordPress has to offer. Once you’re logged into your WordPress account, at the very top of the page, you’ll see headings that read: “My Account” “My Dashboards” “New Post” – if you roll your mouse of “My Dashboards” you’ll see the usernames you have registered. Click on the username you want to make a theme for.

      Once you’re at your dashboard, on the left side is a bunch of Navigation options. Click on “Appearance,” and it should take you to a page with a bunch of different Theme options. Look around, and choose the theme you like. It’s very easy once you click the theme, I think it asks if you want to make it your theme, and then you click yes – or something like that.

      Hope this helps!

  2. jtry05 Says:

    Okay Thanks so much for taking your time to help me, it means alot

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