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UPDATE #3: Chris Brown/Rihanna Fiasco February 11, 2009

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UPDATE #3: So there have been a TON of updates, almost too much for me to handle. Apparently it all started with a text message that Chris got. It was a booty call (how classy), Rihanna saw, she freaked out, got out of the car, he pulled her back in, and you know the rest.

No one from Chris’s camp has offered a public apology, however, sources are saying that Chris has been trying to reach Rihanna, but hasn’t succeeded (obvi). Her family is coming, and she’s apparently staying with a close girlfriend.


UPDATE #2: TMZ has confirmed that Rhianna was in fact the woman at the center of the assault. She had a bloody lip, bloody nose, and two huge contusions on either side of her forehead.

However, she herself didn’t dial 911. A witness dialed 911 after hearing screams once she and Chris exited the vehicle. And although she didn’t receive treatment at the site, she was taken to the hospital, where more witnesses have come forward saying that the popstar was screaming and crying.

Even her assistant had to bury her head in one of the security guards arms because she was crying so hard.

Chris Brown has cancelled his NBA All Star appearance, and Wrigley Gum has announced that they have temporarily pulled his commercial from the airwaves (although I saw one last night), and that Rhianna has cancelled her concert appearance in Malaysia as well as a carnival-themed party for her 21st birthday.

Hopefully, things will be straightened out asap.


UPDATE: Chris turned himself into the LAPD yesterday and posted his $50,000 bail!

Sources are now saying that Rhianna WAS the victim of the assault, and at around 12:30 am, the LAPD arrived to find a woman with visibile injuries who named Chris as her attacker.

Rhianna and Chris were later seen leaving the London Hotel at around 7:30 am.

However, he may face additional charges at the discretion of L.A.’s district attorney’s office.

And sources are saying that the relationship between Rhianna and Chris has been rather bumpy. “They’ve been fighting a lot lately. Lots of ups and downs. One second they’re all lovey dovey and then they’re fighting like crazy. They’re both pretty stubborn.”


Holy. Shit.

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown and Rihanna unexpectedly pulled out of tonight’s Grammy’s due to him being investigated for alleged domestic violence felony battery incident.

According to the LAPD, Chris was in a vehicle with an unidentified (NOT Rihanna), and the two began arguing. The duo then exited the car where the argument escalated. And there are reports that the woman had visible injuries and called 911.

When police arrived, they found the woman, but Chris left the scene. And the LAPD is conducting an investigation.

Stay tuned for more information!!


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