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John Mayer and Jen Play Sleepover! February 6, 2009

Filed under: Couples,Jennifer Aniston,John Mayer — Alexandra @ 12:51 pm


John Mayer let it all slip when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Eh, to be fair, Ellen was quite forward.


“Do you sleep over?” she asked. “Yeah, there are sleepovers, yeah,” said John, which forced Ellen to emit a “Wow.” “Yes,” Mayer repeats, “yes, there are.” “You have sleepovers,” she said. “That’s cute.” One more time, Mayer said: “Yes, there are. There are sleepovers.”

And then John went on to talk about Jen’s new house, in which John said, “There is no normal thing in the Aniston house. You won’t find a light switch. The light switch is not antiquated – there is a six-button light panel. It does everything. The top button is ‘on,’ and the button right below that one seems to be an air horn, so in the middle of the night it’s very difficult.”

I personally happen to think they make a cute couple. But no one really cares what I think. Whatevs.


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