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Pete Wentz Talks About His Sex Life! December 16, 2008

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I’m actually growing tired of Pete Wentz and his charades. Whatever.

He gave QUITE the raunchy interview to Howard Stern about he and wife Ashlee Simpson’s sex life, all while promoting Fall Out Boy’s new album Folie a Deux. Here are the quotes, I’m a tad disturbed by all of this actually:

  • “We have an amazing sex life. We have such sexual chemistry. If we had been on this show last year, we’d probably be doing it in the green room right now. Hopefully the kid doesn’t change it.”

The couple currently don’t have sex — “the kid’s [a few] weeks old,” he explained — but “we do other fun stuff.”

  • The first time they hooked up was “the single best sexual encounter I have ever had. It was at the Soho Grand Hotel [in New York City], and I’m looking in the mirrors, [thinking], ‘Oh my God, you are [sleeping with] the girl of your dreams, and you can watch yourself!'”
  • Ashlee “loves giving me lap dances. She gives a mean lap dance.” She wears thongs and “sexy clothes,” he noted. Normally she wears a C-cup “but with breast milk, [she’s] a D.” She weighed “up to 150 [lbs.]” while pregnant, he revealed, but “it’s dropped nicely … it’s blazing off her.”

He also revealed that while he thinks of Jessica Simpson as his sister, he wouldn’t have ruled out a threesome with the Simpson sisters “20 years back.”

Ugh. Real classy, Pete, tmi.


3 Responses to “Pete Wentz Talks About His Sex Life!”

  1. brenna Says:

    Pete thats just not something alot of people wanna hear…. i can understand about talking about that but you kinda gave out a little too much info… but i still love you!!! and your like so awesome!

  2. Kelsey Says:

    wow. i really didnt need to know that. i luv u pete, because you are just soooooo amazing. ♥

  3. Beckah Says:

    I think he is an arrogant pig, a freak addicted to sex, fuckin perve. I feel sorry Ash has to put up with such a male chauvinist 😦 poor kid

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