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O.J. Simpson Going to Prison! December 5, 2008

Filed under: Celeb Arrests,Celebrity Stupid,O.J. Simpson — Alexandra @ 3:26 pm


Holy. Shit.

O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman back in 1994, was sentenced today to…

17 1/2 years in prison! AND, he’ll be eligible for parole after six years. Although other sources say he has to serve 15 years before he’s eligible for parole.

But get this. He’s going to prison for armed robbery and kidnapping all because of a six-minute incident back in 2007 that took place in a Las Vegas hotel room, where O.J.  struggled with two sports memorabilia dealers over items that Simpson claimed were his possessions.

And the best part is that the jury found him guilty of the armed robbery and kidnapping on October 3, 13 years to the day after his acquittal in the murder trial of his ex-wife and her friend.

Talk about Karma. The guy gets off for murder, but goes to prison for almost 20 years because of robbery.

Karma’s quite the bitch, huh?


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