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Travis Barker Files Lawsuit… November 21, 2008

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In a rather unexpected turn of events (in my opinion), Travis Barker has filed a lawsuit blaming the pilots and defective equipment for the plane crash that killed four people, and severely injured him and DJ AM.

The mother of Travis’s bodyguard Charles “Che” Still, who died in the crash, also filed a lawsuit at the LA Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges that the pilots “negligently decided to abort” the takeoff when the Learjet’s tires failed.

The suit says the following: “The pilots were either poorly trained and/or failed to follow their training. The pilots’ decision was a breach of their duty owed to the passengers onboard and was a substantial factor in causing the crash and resultant injuries and deaths.”

The lawsuit also alleges that one or more of the tires failed, “leaving tire debris and portions of airplane components along the 8,600-foot runaway” and that the plane’s landing gear, tires, wheels, brakes, reverse thrust system, and squat switches “were not airworthy.”

Travis is s claiming that the crash caused him pain and suffering, mental anguish, psychological and emotional distress, disfigurement, loss of earnings capacity and medical expenses.

Bare tires and debris on the runway are the main focus for the cause of crash, according to federal aviation officials. The National Transportation Safety Board says the wheels had very little rubber remaining and its brakes were severely damaged.

The lawsuit names as defendants Clay Lacy Aviation, Global Executive Aviation, Inter Travel and Services, Goodyear Tire and Rubber and Bombardier Inc.


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