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Jessica Simpson Ecstatic Over Baby Bronx! November 21, 2008

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Jessica Simpson is really loving her new role as aunt to newborn nephew Bronx Mowgli (yes, after the boy from The Jungle Book).

“Bronx is beyond precious. I’m over the moon with joy,” the singer said Friday. “Life is a beautiful miracle. Ashlee and Pete are healthy, happy, and enjoying every moment.”

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz welcomed Baby Bronx last night.

Jessica’s not the only excited one, though. Both sets of grandparents are said to be thrilled with the new addition to the family!:

“We can’t wait to spend Bronx’s first holidays together with the whole family,” Joe and Tina Simpson said Friday. “We are truly blessed.” Pete’s parents Pete and Dale also chimed in on the newborn. “We’re thrilled. [Bronx] stayed up late the first night, smiling at everyone who came into the room. He already seems to have the independence and charm of both of his parents.”

I need to see pictures asap!


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