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Ashley Tisdale: WTF Over Zac Efron October 10, 2008

Filed under: Ashley Tisdale,High School Musical,Zac Efron — Alexandra @ 10:20 am

While all the girls around the country are currently succumbing to Zac Efron-mania, his High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale isn’t one of them.

“I’ve never looked at Zac that way because he’s always been like a younger brother to me,” she said. “Girls go crazy over him, but I’ve just never been attracted to him in that way.”

You and me both, Tis.

She continues, saying, “He’s a great actor, but I still don’t understand what everyone’s making the fuss about. The hysteria over him is all rather surreal.”

But the main problem isn’t the fact that her pal and other co-star Vanessa Hudgens is dating Zac, it’s the fact that she’s three years older than him.

“I’m three years older than him,” she says. “That makes a major difference when you are young.”

While I agree with Tis, and don’t understand this Zefron-mania shit, three years isn’t that big of a deal.


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