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SNL is on FIRE! October 6, 2008

Filed under: SNL,TV News — Alexandra @ 1:26 pm

This season of Saturday Night Live has been nothing short of amazing. Perhaps it’s due to Tina Fey’s skits as Sarah Palin, or the fact that the show has had some really REALLY good hosts and musical guests.

Whatever the case may be, the show’s fourth episode (hosted by Anne Hathaway/musical guest: The Killers), averaged a 7.4 household rating/18 share in market. It was up a whopping 49% compared to last season’s fourth episode.

This weekend, there was a spoof of the VP Debates, with, of course, Tina as Sarah Palin, and surprise guest, Queen Latifah as debate moderator Gwen Ifill.

ABC News political director David Chalian said, “Clearly, Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey’s spot-on creation of Sarah Palin is now a part of this election season. It does show a frame through which a lot of people see these candidates.


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