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Miley Celebrates Her 16th Birthday…Early. October 6, 2008

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Photo Courtesy of Splash News

Photo Courtesy of Splash News


Teen phenom Miley Cyrus celebrated her Sweet 16 in Disneyland this past weekend, and was actually able to close the park for her enjoyment. Even though her birthday isn’t until November 23, the park wanted to accommodate her schedule and have the party before their Christmas decorations go up.

However, she was “gracious” enough to allow anyone to attend, as long as they paid the $250/ticket to get in.

Before the event, she said, “I only turn 16 once, so it’s going to be an awesome party with my favorite rides, hanging out with friends, fireworks and more. I’ll even get to sing a couple songs.”

And of course, there were some celeb attendees: Tyra Banks, Steve Carrell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and other teen queen/Miley “rivial” Demi Lovato.

5,000 people attended and were escorted into the park, which included “Special Party Zones,” featuring “the music of Cyrus and her Hannah Montana alter-ego, along with themed activities and entertainment.”

But. . some of the proceeds ($1,250,000 – yes, I did the math) will benefit Youth Service America. Miley said, “The best part of the party is we’re going to recognize some really cool kids from Youth Service America who are giving back to their community.”

How about donating it all, Miley?!


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