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Sarah Michelle Gellar Heads Back to TV! September 26, 2008

Filed under: Sarah Michelle Gellar,TV News — Alexandra @ 5:00 pm

I’ve missed seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar around. WTF.

The former Buffy star is set to return to television, HBO to be exact. She’ll star in The Wonderful Maladys, which is an ensemble piece about the dysfunctional lives of three adult siblings who lost their parents at a young age.

Screenwriter Charles Randolph describes Sarah’s character as “a kind of zealous immaturity — like a drug addict with a to-do list.”

Sarah called the chance to work with Randolph and HBO “a terrific next chapter for me.”

Good for her. I always liked her.

…but I freakin’ loved Buffy.


One Response to “Sarah Michelle Gellar Heads Back to TV!”

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