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Charges Dropped Against Shia LaBeouf! September 26, 2008

Filed under: Celebrity Stupid,Shia LaBeouf — Alexandra @ 3:16 pm

Boy did this kid catch a lucky break!

Remember back in July, when Shia LaBeouf was involved in that car accident that crushed his left hand and sent him to the hospital to have surgery ? Yea, it was pretty serious, and reports circulated that he was being charged with a DUI.

However, that’s not the case as of today. Prosecutors said that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Shia was in fact under the influence there is not enough evidence to prove that Shia was under the influence. He was, however, arrested for showing physical signs of impairment.

BUT, his license may be suspended for up to nine months because he refused the breathalyzer. And he won’t be doing any jail time – like Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Khloe Kardashian did.

Don’t drink and drive kids. It’s bad, bad, bad.

But God do I love me some Shia. Yum.


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