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UPDATE #14: Travis Barker/DJ AM Plane Crash September 24, 2008

Filed under: DJ AM,Music News,Travis Barker — Alexandra @ 4:26 pm

While new details continue to emerge, one thing is certain: Travis Barker is doing his best to stay upbeat. And as he’s mourning the loss of two close friends in the crash, Travis is trying to keep a positive outlook.

“If you make it out of a crash of that magnitude, somebody’s looking out for you,” says Bill Nosal, a friend and spokesman for Famous Stars and Straps, a clothing line created by Travis. “He’s trying to stay upbeat.”

And of course, more condolences and well wishes have come their way. LL Cool J, who recently performed with both Travis and DJ AM at the VMAs September 7 told People magazine, “Definitely my condolences to the families of the people who lost their lives. I hope that Travis and DJ AM have a speedy recovery and get back out there performing and creating for people. They’re talented.”

UPDATE #15: A tape of the 911 call that was placed reporting the crash has been released.

One caller said, “I was just sitting here next to the runway and saw the plane. I actually heard it and I saw it skid by. Huge fire.”

Another caller reported, saying, “I’m at the UPS facility at the airport and a plane crashed at the end of the runway.” After receiving a description of the plane from the caller, the operator asked, “Is it on fire?” – to which the caller said, “Yes, it’s engulfed in flames.”

Luckily, by the time a third call came in, emergency vehicles were already at the scene. “There’s a plane crash out at the airport,” the caller says. “I see somebody here. You already got it.”


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