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Buy Britney’s Home! September 24, 2008

Filed under: Britney Spears — Alexandra @ 11:56 am

One of my favorite girls, Britney Spears, has just put her house on the market for a cool $7.9 million.

Pocket change! Helloooo, where do I sign for it?

The six-bedroom, six-bathroom (sigh) home is described in the real estate listing as an “exquisite gated Italian Renaissance-inspired villa,” it has three garages, is 7,500-square-feet and has a “grand entrance foyer.”

BritBrit has lived in the home for less than two years, and her father Jamie Spears requested permission rom the court to sell the home back in June. The reason? She wants more open space for her two boys, Sean Preson, 3 and Jayden James, 2 – so they have room to play.

Rumors are circlating saying the pop star is eyeing a pretty little house in Calabasas, California.


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