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BREAKING NEWS: How Travis and DJ AM Survived

In a statement to People magazine, Lieut. Josh Shumpert of the South Congaree Police Department described how the two survived.

“[Travis and Adam] told me that they slid down the wing on the right side of the plane,” he said. “They said they were on fire and that they tackled each other and put each other out.” Lieut. Shumpert’s dashboard camera in his patrol car caught video of the aftermath.

When Lieut. Shumpert arrived, both were on the side of the road, in shock and pacing. Apparently Travis was extremely shaken up, and was reportedly handed a Gatorade when he asked for a water.

And contrary to prior reports, Travis and DJ AM weren’t naked, as passersby said. “Travis was wearing some kind of shorts and no shirt … Travis had one sock on. And a black hat on his head.” It’s also noted that DJ AM was wearing shorts or boxers as well.

The fast reactions and quick thinking on behalf of Travis and DJ AM gave them a good chance at a full recovery.


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