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A Rift Between the Olsens? September 18, 2008

Filed under: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — Alexandra @ 5:12 pm

Uh oh. Are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen butting heads?

The twins are often attached at each others hip, especially when it comes to working on their clothing lines. But, rumors are surfacing that they have been spending a bit too much time together.

A source told InTouch Weekly, “Ashley really wants to be a respected businesswoman and be taken seriously. MK does too, but she hasn’t been willing to give up her lifestyle and act like an adult for their job.”

That sucks, huh? It gets better.

They have two clothing lines as well: The Row, which is a higher priced clothing line that is considered to be Ashley’s baby, and Elizabeth and James, a line that’s less hands on and less expensive.

The source continued by saying, “Ashley came to a difficult decision. She decided that MK should not be involved with The Row. She asked her sister to step back from her current responsibilities until she has her personal life together.”

Ohhhhh snap.


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