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Is Vince Better Than Reese? September 14, 2008

Filed under: Movie News,Reese Witherspoon,Vince Vaughn — Alexandra @ 9:38 pm

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn’s upcoming new movie Four Christmases has already gotten a lot of buzz – partly because the tabloids jumped at the thought that Reese and Vince didn’t get along too well on set.

But who’s more popular, Reese or Vince?

Well, according the movies official poster, it’s Vince. But the question is: why is Reese second billed? Afterall, Reese won her profession’s highest honor (an Oscar – for all you rookies out there), and has earned the respect of her colleagues and fans.

And while Vince has had a decent amount of blockbusters and can certainly make people laugh, he’s really not that up to par with Reese.

So what gives? Are they trying to appease Vince so he doesn’t throw a fit (he does have a temper), or are the duo billed alphabetically?

You decide!


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