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Timberlake And Biel Are Miserable September 11, 2008

Filed under: Couples,Jessica Biel,Justin Timberlake — Alexandra @ 5:30 pm

This is a story that was sent to PerezHilton exclusively, but it’s just TOO good not to share.


Perezcious reader Sahara had a not so nice encounter with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on Wednesday night.

She shares with us what happened below – plus her sighting of Lauren Conrad and Chace Crawford. Are they “getting to know” each other????

Says Sahara:

“My friends and I were at southern hospitality last night celebrating a friends going away party. all of a sudden justin timberlake arrived–he was supposed to sit in the corner b/c the table was all set up but he decided to go sit in the private vip room instead–we were so sad because we couldnt stare at his beautiful face! a few hours later there were bodyguards and drivers running around the restaurant around so we knew jt was about to make an exit.

we asked the owner of the bar if a bunch of girls from memphis (us) could get a picture with him to celebrate our friends going back to memphis party and were answered with a stern NO. then 2 more guys come out from the back and yell out to everyone “stay where you are, don’t move, keep this path open”–keep in mind the bar was at about 25% capacity or less. out walks justin and jessica holding hands and jessica with the same bitchy look on her face she ALWAYS has. as soon as my friend snapped the attached picture, jessica stopped in her tracks, turns around, and says to my friend (very loudly and totally trying to cause a scene), ‘that was ruuuuuuuuuuuude!’ even though there were 6 paprazzi outside! anyways, just thought you should know, apparently neither of them want to make their fans happy–they’ve definitely lost me!

after this the bar totally clears out. about 10 minutes later, who rolls up but lc, lo (way smaller in person–ran into her in the restroom and she was super nice) and CHACE CRAWFORD! we almost died because the bar at this point was basically empty except my friends and i. some more model types rolled in and they played flip cup and beer pong the rest of the night–a few times chace even came up to the bar to get pitchers of beer for the drinking games–what a gentleman

I’d love it if you could post about how much of a bitch Jessica is!

Thanks so much!”

Done and done.


Wow, they couldn’t be more full of themselves. Jackasses.


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