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Kanye Arrested! September 11, 2008

Filed under: Kanye West — Alexandra @ 5:18 pm

Ohhhhh snap! This might be my favorite story of the day!

Kanye West was arrested for vandalism early this morning at LAX Airport after he got into a major scuffle with the paparazzi. Apparently, when he noticed the paps snapping his picture, he took charge, grabbed the camera (which was valued at more than $10,000) and threw it to the ground, smashing it.

Not to be left out, Kanye’s road manager started grabbing and smashing cameras as well and was arrested for vandalism and battery.

But the best part? TMZ has it all on video. It’s a DEFINITE must see – Kanye’s in the grey hoodie, PS.

A shitload of witnesses were being interviewed by the PoPo, and Kanye was released when he posted the $20,000 bail.

Someone needs to tell that man to take a fucking chill pill.

Or maybe he’s just still cranky after his LAME performance at the VMA’s this past Sunday.


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