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Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Celebs September 11, 2008

Those peeps over at Forbes have compiled a list of the most overpaid actors and actresses in the biz.

The analysis shown below lists how much the actors’ movie made for each dollar they were paid.

So. . . who topped the list? Not Cameron Diaz, who I think deserved this “honor,” but Nicole Kidman!

Yea… pick up your jaws from the floor. Here’s the rest of the list:

1. Nicole Kidman ($1.00/dollar paid)

2. Jennifer Garner ($3.60/dollar paid)

3. Tom Cruise ($4.00/dollar paid)

4. Cameron Diaz ($4.00/dollar paid)

5. Jennifer Lopez ($4.10/dollar paid)

6. Jim Carrey ($4.11/dollar paid)

7. Nicolas Cage ($4.16/dollar paid)

8. Drew Barrymore ($4.38/dollar paid)

9. Will Ferrell ($4.67/dollar paid)

10. Cate Blanchett ($4.97/dollar paid)


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