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Hilary Duff’s Dad Speaks September 10, 2008

Filed under: Haylie Duff,Hilary Duff — Alexandra @ 8:10 pm

A few weeks ago, some drama went down in a courtroom between Hilary and Haylie Duff’s parents.

Their mom Susan and their father Bob are going through quite a bitter divorce, and Susan requested that Bob pay up to $25,000 for Hilary’s 21st birthday party. Her reasoning for this? “I know he’s a millionaire.”

As part of the deal, the judge ordered that Bob pay $12,500 for the party and will also have to pay $367,537 from the improper sale of stocks last month. On top of that, he had to spend a day in jail after being held in contempt of the court.

Now Bob is taking a page from the Michael Lohan book of talking to the media, and told Inside Edition that he was unfaithful in his marriage. “I feel very badly about that and the effect it had on the girls,” he adds.

And the reason for the bitter divorce? “Susan was very consumed with the girls’ careers,” he says, admitting to extramarital affairs. “We simply grew apart.”

Wow – not only can Hollywood couples stay together anymore, but parents of Hollywood stars can’t stay together either.


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