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Blair Waldorf a Singer? September 9, 2008

Filed under: Leighton Meester,Music News — Alexandra @ 11:01 pm

Okay, so maybe not Blair. But Leighton Meester is getting ready to record an album. She told Access Hollywood, “Technically, yeah I am. I mean, for real this time… I’ve always done (music), just now I am actually doing an album that I plan to release.”

Perez Hilton did some digging around and was able to come across her cover of “Bette Davis Eyes,” which was then made exclusive to PerezHilton.com

The sound of her voice is different, which I like, but the cover seems to be a bit overproduced, which takes away from the soulfulness of her voice.

Click to take a listen: Leighton Meester – \”Bette Davis Eyes\”

And here’s an older video of Leighton singing in the movie Drive Thru.

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