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Ashlee and Pete and…Twins?!?!?! September 8, 2008

Filed under: Ashlee Simpson,Celeb Babies,Pete Wentz — Alexandra @ 8:27 pm
Photo Courtesy of WireImage

Photo Courtesy of WireImage

Alright, so Ashlee Simpson looked bangin’ last night at the VMA’s. Pregnant works for her. However, she looked HUGE – mind you, she’s due in October.

So of course, there’s speculation that she’s having twins because she’s so big. I guess we’ll find out in a month or so.

Having twins seems to be the new Hollywood trend – which is rather odd, if you ask me. And a liiiiittle fishy.

Friends of the couple are also speculating that they’re going to have a boy. No scientific reasoning, just a guessing game. But no worries, Baby Wentz will be spoiled.

Travis McCoy of the band Gym Class Heroes said, “His sneaker collection is going to be ridiculous. I get to be uncle Travee!” And Ryan Ross of Panic at the Disco said, “I think it’s a baby boy. [Pete] will probably teach his kid to play terrible pranks on us. But not if we teach him first!”

And apparently Pete’s impending fatherhood has tamed the once wild bass player. “I’ve seen a change it that dude,” said Travis. “We were wild kids. We grew up on the road. I was just at his place yesterday and he’s getting his grown man on to the fullest. It’s a beautiful thing to see.”

Aww. This is kind of cute, actually. I just hope they name their child something normal.


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