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Britney NOT Performing at VMA’s September 6, 2008

Filed under: Britney Spears — Alexandra @ 6:12 pm

Myself, along with probably the rest of the world who saw the video of Brit Brit rehearsing, thought that she was practicing a routine for the VMAs tomorrow night.

However, that has been proven FALSE and that sort of sucks.

Perez Hilton recently spoke with Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph and the Queen of All Media was told exclusively that she will absolutely NOT be performing tomorrow night. He did confirm the fact that she will be attending and opening the show. But there’s no performance.


And as for that video floating around? Well, turns out it’s just Britney having fun with some dancers, something that is now a “regular occurence,” according to Rudolph.

Seriously got my hopes up, and now… pssh.

I’m sure she’ll look amazing tomorrow, though. So that’s a good thing. And I’m sure she’ll, once again, reclaim that Princess of Pop crown.


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