Hollywood Is My Hood

Famous People Are Just More Interesting

Hello, hello! September 4, 2008

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Hey kiddies,

Welcome to my blog, where you’ll get the 411 on all the latest gossip. Yea, that’s right, I don’t have anything better to do than try and put Perez Hilton out of a job.

Who the hell am I kidding – I love that man.

Ahem, anyway – check back often, and I’ll fill your pretty little heads with some super hush-hush happenings that are going on in Hollywood, and elsewhere of course.

Don’t ask me who my sources are, because I won’t tell you. But prepare yourselves for some juicy stuff! But I also have a life, so don’t be upset if I don’t update every 3 seconds. I don’t get paid from advertisers like Perez does.

…if you want to advertise with me, that’d be cool too, though.

Check back soon. It’ll be worth it, I swear.

Peace and love.


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